The Senne municipality of Hövelhof lies to the south-west of the Senne.

With the Haustenbach, the Ems and other bodies of water, numerous Senne streams run through the flat municipal area. The soils are characterised by high groundwater levels, which is why the area around Hövelhof is also known as the Damp Senne. With the bifurcation of the Krollbach and Schwarzwasserbach, there is an extremely rare bifurcation of water in the municipality.

In addition to bodies of water, the landscape around Hövelhof was once characterised by heathland. The Moosheide is a relic of the cultural and historical management by the heather farmers. Today the sheep of the heathland sheep farm graze on the Paderborn | Senne District Biological Station on the Moosheide and large parts of the military training area. The “Heideland Rundwanderweg” invites those interested in nature to learn more about the landscape.

The natural history trail along the “Heideland Rundwanderweg” experience tour provides information about the natural occurrences in many places.

Foto: Franz Hasse