The municipality of Schlangen is in the east of the Senne at the transition to the Teutoburg Forest. Around half of the municipality is located within the Senne military training area. 

Schlangen has a long history. Barrows from the Neolithic Age testify to early settlement in the area. The current districts of Oesterholz-Haustenbeck, Kohlstädt and Schlangen were mentioned in church documents more than 1,000 years ago. In the recent past the church has seen moving events. In 1937 the residents of the Haustenbeck settlement, which today belongs to the Oesterholz-Haustenbeck district, had to be resettled due to an expansion of the military training area.

For those interested in history, Schlangen offers a wide range of museums today. On the “Kreuzkrugweg” you can walk in the footsteps of history and discover the peculiarities of nature around the community of Schlangen.

Foto: Anette Fischer