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The Senne circular path

The “Senne for all the senses” project offers nature enthusiasts the opportunity to experience the Senne with its various landscape elements. Hike through heathland and forests, along streams and moors. The habitats of the Senne are diverse and breathtakingly beautiful. But the landscape does not just offer something for your eyes. Experience the Senne with all your senses. See the purple flowers of the heather in August, smell the scent of wild herbs on the edges of the path, listen to the singing of the birds in the forest or the chirping of the crickets along the way and feel the Senne sand under your feet.

The Senne circular path leads about 75 km in length around the two military training areas “Senne” and “Stapel”. In the towns and municipalities of Oerlinghausen, Lage, Schlangen, Bad Lippspringe, Paderborn, Hövelhof, Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock and Augustdorf you can discover the diversity of the Senne on ten different experience tours. 

Experience Tours

Foto: Winfried Henke, Verkehrsverein Hövelhof, Tourist-Information der Sennegemeinde Hövelhof

Foto: Stadt Rietberg
Foto: Nessa Dück, Community

Foto: Karen Zereike, Lippe Tourismus & Marketing GmbH
Foto: Imke Heidotting, Stadt Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock
Foto: Karl Heinz Schäfer, Tourist Information Paderborn


10 Erlebnisrouten
75 km Wanderweg
3 Landschaftstypen