The “Dünenpfad”

The “Dünenpfad”

In Augustdorf thousands of years ago, the wind formed large dunes out of the Senne sand. Today these natural elevations in the landscape are usually covered by pine forests. On the “Dünenpfad” you can discover the mighty sand elevations and learn more about this natural phenomenon at numerous stations.

From Heidehaus the hike leads south along the deeply cut Oelbach valley. After a few hundred metres you come to a former excavation with open sand areas. The “Dünenpfad” continues through pine forests that were once planted to fortify the open sand dunes. Further south the pine forest becomes lighter; heather covers the ground. In the pasture paddocks of the large-scale nature conservation project, cattle and horses ensure the development of a light forest structure through their feeding. The “Dünenpfad” leads you again and again to large clearings overgrown with heather. In the further course you reach a viewing platform: the dune tower. From here, hikers can look over the open sandy areas of the military training area at the mountain range of the Teutoburg Forest, before the “Dünenpfad” leads them back to the starting point.

The “Dünenpfad” is approx. 4.1 km long. The duration of the hike is approx. 1:00 h.

Parking possibility

  • Hiking car park at Jugendsiedlung Heidehaus e.V. (Dachsweg, Augustdorf)

Experience senses on the ”Dünenpfad”

As the name suggests, the hiking trail leads through a dune area. Accordingly, you walk in large parts over open sand paths. In some areas the sand is loose and light yellow. Just take off your shoes and walk barefoot for a while. Feel the sand under your feet. You could almost think that you were on a North Sea beach; which is just under 200 km as the crow flies. 

A hike on the “Dünenpfad” is particularly recommended in August when the heather is in bloom. Then the large open land areas turn bright purple. But the heathland also has a lot to offer acoustically. Listen to the chirping of the crickets, hundreds of which can be found on the edges of the “Dünenpfad”.

Der Dünenpfad im Augustdorfer Dünenfeld (Foto: C. Venne)

Sights on the ”Dünenpfad”

From the dune tower you have a clear view of an area that you are not allowed to enter: the Stapel military training area. A barren expanse of sand stretches out in front of you. The silhouette of the Teutoburg Forest can be seen in the background. In the course of the “Dünenpfad”, further viewing platforms offer views of heathland and a former sand pit.

Along the “Dünenpfad”, hiking enthusiasts can find extensive information about the formation and importance of inland dunes. In the paddocks of the large-scale nature conservation project, one encounters cattle and horses grazing in the sparse pine forests.

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Hiking badges

The hiking reward for the “Dünenpfad” can be obtained from the municipality of Augustdorf.

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