The ”Marienloher Lipperundweg”

The ”Marienloher Lipperundweg”

Nature enthusiasts can experience the meadow areas of the Lippe on the “Marienloher Lipperundweg”. The path leads north for around 2 kilometres along horse pastures and hay meadows of the lip lowlands. Old willows, ash trees, oaks and poplars line the path. At the southwestern tip of the path, the Beke flows into the Lippe. A large boulder has marked this point since 1992.

As soon as you have left the main road behind you, you hike in the shade of light forests and on sandy paths along the Lippe. The view of the river changes constantly, sometimes you walk up along the steep bank, at other places right next to the river. At the so-called “Lippeknick” you can put your feet in the cool water. Between meadows and fields the path goes back to the starting point.

The “Marienloher Lipperundweg” is approx. 5.9 km long. The duration of the hike is approx. 1:30 h.

Parking facilities

  • Near the parish church of St. Joseph (crossing Bendesloh – Sommerbrede, Paderborn-Marienloh)
  • Parkhaus (Kurparkstraße, Bad Lippspringe)

Experience senses on the “Marienloher Lipperundweg”

The “Marienloher Lipperundweg” leads through different habitats, the differences of which can not only be perceived visually. Especially in summer, the meadows and fields of the Lippe lowlands are high in temperatures. If you now enter the forest areas near the Lippe, the climate changes in just a few metres. The canopy of leaves on the trees provides shade and the Lippe provides higher humidity. It is noticeably cooler here.

The Senne is known for its dry sandy soils. On the “Marienloher Lipperundweg”, the sand of the Senne meets the water of the Lippe. In the area of the so-called “Lippeknick”, a sand dune outside the nature reserve, you can leave the hiking trail and enter the Lippe. Take a few steps into the water barefoot. Feel the Senne sand between your toes and the cold water of the Lippe on your skin.

Die Lippe (Foto: Tourist-Information Paderborn)

Sights on the ”Marienloher Lipperundweg”

In the area of the Lippe lowlands near Marienloh, the Lippe meanders naturally through an open landscape with meadows and densely vegetated floodplains. Erosion on the river bank has not only changed the appearance of the Lippe, but has also washed away the soil from the roots of trees. Many bizarre tree formations can be observed along the banks.From the east the Beke flows through Marienloh and flows towards the Lippe. The “Marienloher Lipperundweg” leads you to the confluence of the two bodies of water.

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Hiking badges

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