The ”PaderWanderung”

The ”PaderWanderung”

Anyone who thinks that a big city has no natural experience to offer is mistaken! The “PaderWanderung” leads nature lovers in the Paderborn city centre through the renatured source area of the Pader. Here the Pader arises from over 200 sources. Some of these are grouped together as source arms with their own names, for example the “Warm Pader” source arm. A memorial here reminds us of the women who did their washing here using the warmer water in the past. 

Along the Pader you hike through the Paderwiesen and through the Heinz-Nixdorf-Auen towards Padersee. The “Paderseeumflut” project has significantly upgraded the Padersee, both ecologically and for the visitor. 

If you follow the Pader to Schloss Neuhaus, you have already reached its end after around four kilometres, because it is there that the Pader flows into the Lippe. Through the former State horticultural show, the path goes back towards Paderborn in the local recreation area fish ponds. Here, nature experiences are concentrated in the form of a climbing park and boat rental, as well as an adventure playground and a running and fitness trail. Past Schützenplatz the path goes back to the Pader spring area.

The “PaderWanderung” is approx. 12.1 km long. The duration of the hike is approx. 3:00 h.

Parking facilities

  • Car park at Padersee (Crossing Fürstenallee – Heinz-Nixdorf-Ring, Paderborn)
  • Car park at Rolandsbad (Wilhelm-Kaufmann-Allee, Paderborn)
  • Car park at Maspernplatz (Crossing Heierswall – Hathumarstrasse, Paderborn)

Experience senses on the ”PaderWanderung”

Paderborn is characterised by its numerous bodies of water. The Pader springs also provide a natural experience in the city centre. In the city centre arises, among other things, the source arm of the “Warm Pader”. This source arm is actually about 4-6°C warmer than the other source arms. The monument to the “Women doing their washing in the warm Pader” is not only a reminder of the past use, but also invites you to put your bare feet in the water. Not far away is the source area of the Maspernpader, near the Paderhalle. Here you again have the opportunity to keep your feet in the source area. However, the water is significantly cooler. Feel the difference.

An den Quellen der Pader (Foto: Tourist-Information Paderborn)

Sights on the ”PaderWanderung”

With the numerous springs of the Pader, Paderborn has a particular wealth of water. The renaturation of the central source area has given the Pader back a piece of naturalness in the middle of the city centre. The Padersee also benefits from the flooding of the Pader. A viewing platform allows a unique view of the flowing Pader, while a dam only a few metres further leads visitors through between the flowing Pader and the quiet Padersee. The fish pond recreation area also offers a wide range of activities for the whole family.

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Hiking badges

You can get the hiking reward for the “PaderWanderung” here:

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