The ”VitalWanderWelt – Energie”

The ”VitalWanderWelt – Energie”

From the Martinusquelle Clinic, the hike leads north through the extensive healing forest and along the Strothe. After about 3 kilometres you leave the Heilwald and come to Dedinger-Heide-See. In the summer months it is possible to hear the nimble hunters of the night sky at dusk using a permanently installed bat detector. In a south-westerly direction, the path leads along the Thunebach through the Jordan Park to the Nebelwiesen in the Arminius Park, from here a short detour to the Lippe spring is worthwhile. You get to the garden show grounds through the city centre before you reach the Martinusquelle clinic again.

The “VitalWanderWelt – Energie” is approx. 7 km long. The duration of the hike is approx. 2:30 h.

Parking facilities

  • Kurwaldklinik (Cecilienallee 5, Bad Lippspringe)
  • Klinik am Park (Auguste-Viktoria-Allee 25, Bad Lippspringe)
  • Fischerhütte – Bad Lippspringe (Cecilienallee 12, Bad Lippspringe)
  • Parking (Kurparkstrasse, Bad Lippspringe)

Experience senses on the hike “VitalWanderWelt – Energie”

All sorts of insects buzz over the waters of Bad Lippspringe which is a perfect hunting grounds for bats. The nimble hunters can be easily observed in the night sky. You can also perceive bats with other senses on the “VitalWanderWelt – Energie” hiking trail: A bat detector is installed at Dedinger-Heide-See, which converts the ultrasound of the hunting bats into frequencies that we humans can hear. Have a listen to the wild hunt. 

In addition to bats, the spa guests especially appreciate the waters, springs, baths and thermal baths of Bad Lippspringe. At Arminiuspark, water can be experienced in a different way to what is usual. Pipes protrude from the ground on the Nebelwiese. They spray an artificially created mist that covers the meadow. Step between the pipes and feel how the small water droplets in the air change the climate within a few metres. Especially in summer, the Nebelwiese offers pleasant refreshment after or during a hike.

Die Lippe (Foto: B. Mazhiqi)

Sights on the hike ”VitalWanderWelt – Energy”

Bad Lippspringe is known for its abundance of water. The most impressive is the Lippequelle with the neighbouring ruins of Lippspringe Castle. From there you follow the Jordan a few hundred metres to its source. Immediately afterwards it goes along the Thunebach to the Dedinger-Heide-See, where you can listen to the nimble hunters on warm summer nights with the help of the permanently installed bat detector. Once across the road and past the Westfalen-Therme, the path goes through the spa forest to the Strothe. You also follow the Strothe a long way until you reach the fishermen’s huts with their individual Teichan Lage. It is worth taking a look at Teichan Lage, but you often have to look twice to distinguish between art and nature.

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Hiking badges

The hiking reward for the “VitalWanderWelt – Energy” can be obtained from the city of Bad Lippspringe.

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