Gorges and moors on the Upper Furlbach NR

The nature reserve “Gorges and moors on the Upper Furlbach”

The nature reserve “Gorges and moors on the Upper Furlbach” is a 225 hectare forest area on sandy soil. The entire area offers an impressive natural backdrop with a primeval forest-like character.

Dunes and embankments form box-shaped streams and dry valleys. The old beech forests on the valley slopes have a high proportion of dead wood and are under process protection. The black woodpecker and stock dove have good living conditions in these forests. Kingfisher, dipper and grey wagtail find enough food on the structurally rich Furlbach. Rare plant species such as cotton grass, sundew and giant horsetail find locations within the nature reserve where they grow well.

In terms of species spectrum, water structure and water quality, the Furlbach was classified as the best water body in the Gütersloh district.

Der Furlbach (Foto: Stadtmarketing Schloß Holte – Stukenbrock)