Senne Original

Senne Original

The Senne Original brand unites providers of local products from the Senne. These products include honey, jams, preserves, bread, cakes, pastries, eggs, noodles, meat and sausage products from pork and game, fish, asparagus, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, fruit juices, beer, handicrafts, arts and crafts and gift baskets – everything from the Senne.

In addition to being made locally, the products meet the following criteria:

• Fresh, high-quality SENNE products directly from the producer
• Quality through transparency in production
• Short distances from producer to consumer
• Appropriate animal husbandry, protection of the landscape and water
• Economic and social strengthening of the SENNE region

With Senne Original you can taste the Senne.

More information is available here: Senne Original