Heathland sheep farm

Heathland sheep farm

The Senne heathland sheep farm is part of the biological station. Its central location is in Hövelhof, in the immediate vicinity of the Senne military training area. The heathland sheep herd consists of around 500 ewes, as many lambs, 8 goats and 10-30 goats.

The main task of the heathland sheep farm is the maintenance of the landscape of dry and wet heaths as well as poor grassland and grassland. The sheep graze on the Senne military training area and adjacent nature reserves in the Gütersloh, Lippe and Paderborn districts.

The heathland sheep are kept in a species-appropriate manner. They are kept in the wild all year round. During the lambing season in March, the ewes spend a short time in the barn with their newborn lambs.

Heidschnucken in der Heide (Foto: H. Arjes)

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