The Senne is a unique landscape with a typical background noise. It is well worth just pausing for a moment during the hike, close your eyes and listen to the tones, noises and sounds of the Senne.

The “Ochsentour” leads hikers through the paddocks of the major nature conservation project. Pay attention to your hearing here. The neighing of the horses and the mooing of the cows can be heard far through the forests of the Wistinghauser Senne – noises that are not known from ordinary forests.

The “Kreuzkrugweg” leads nature lovers to a large wooden sculpture of a cricket. Sit on the wooden cricket and listen to the small real ones chirping vigorously around you. However, you can not only hear the crickets on the archaeological experience trail Kreuzkrugweg, but everywhere where sunny areas extend. So close your eyes every now and then and notice the chirping.

The “VitalWanderWelt – Energie” takes you to the waters of Bad Lippspringe. All sorts of insects buzz around here – perfect hunting grounds for bats. You can not only watch the nimble hunters here, but also hear them: A bat detector is installed at Dedinger-Heide-See, which converts the ultrasound of the hunting bats into frequencies that we humans can hear. Have a listen to the wild hunt.

The experience tours “Heideland”, “Dünenpfad” and “Ochsentour” take you to large heathlands of the Senne. Close your eyes and listen to the bird life. Woodlark and other typical Senne birds sing their melodious songs over the heather.

The “Romantisches Furlbachtal” experience tour leads hikers along the crystal clear Furlbach. Close your eyes and listen to the splashing of the water. High in the crowns of the old beech trees you can hear the birds singing. The drumming of different species of woodpecker echoes far through the brook valley.