A hike through the Senne appeals to different senses and even offers something for the nose.

The “Holzweg” leads nature enthusiasts through the old beech forests of the Teutoburg Forest. This is an experience for the nose, especially in spring. Close your eyes and smell the forest. In April, the intense smell of wild garlic, which is closely related to garlic, can be smelled in large parts of the Teutoburg Forest.

The experience tours “Heideland”, “Dünenpfad” and “Ochsentour” take you to large heathlands of the Senne. An experience for your senses awaits you right in front of your feet. Thyme often grows by the wayside. Notice the intense smell of the small herbaceous plant. It gives you an almost Mediterranean feeling.

The “Ochsentour” leads hikers through the paddocks of the major nature conservation project. Pay attention to your nose here. In the forests of the Wistinghaus Senne there is a typical smell of cattle and horses – smells that are not familiar from ordinary forests.

With all senses