The diverse landscape of the Senne offers nature lovers breathtaking views.

Along the “Holzweg” you have the opportunity to look up into the foliage of the old beech forests at the natural forest cell “Hermannsberg”. The beeches form a closed canopy, which is reminiscent of a hall. This is where the term indoor forest comes from. Let the high green “ceiling” work its magic on you.

The “VitalWanderWelt – Energie” takes you to the waters of Bad Lippspringe. All sorts of insects buzz around here – perfect hunting grounds for bats. Watch the nimble hunters in the night sky.

The experience tours “Heideland”, “Dünenpfad” and “Ochsentour” take you to large heathlands, which show the characteristic and historical image of the Senne. In August the heather turns into a bright purple sea of flowers and offers a breathtaking picture.

A special natural treasure of the Senne awaits you on the “Ems-Erlebnisweg”. The sources of the Ems. Here the water gushes out of the ground and swirls up the Senne sand. A rare sight and at the same time an optical highlight.