Hiking trail “Romantisches Furlbachtal”

Hiking trail “Romantisches Furlbachtal”

The “Romantisches Furlbachtal” hiking trail invites nature enthusiasts to discover the beauty of the wild and romantic Furlbach.

From Mittweg, the hike heads northwest. Along old beech forests, a narrow and natural path leads time and again to the banks of the Furlbach, which, with its crystal clear water, forms the Senne sand into ripples on the bed of the stream. Fallen trees lying in the bed of the stream ensure a rich and natural water structure. After around 2.5 kilometres you reach the source area of the Furlbach. With a little luck you can see the cobalt blue kingfisher rustling over the water. From here the hike heads west past the Bentteiche. In the further course, nature lovers pass deeply cut valleys with a lot of dead wood and a primeval forest-like character before they reach the Mittweg again.

The hiking trail “Romantisches Furlbachtal” is approx. 6.2 km long. The duration of the hike is approx. 1:30 h.

Parking facilities

  • Car park at Mittweg (Mittweg, Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock)

Experience senses in the “Romantisches Furlbachtal”

The “Romantisches Furlbachtal” hiking trail leads you through old beech forests rich in dead wood. In addition to the common beech, numerous other trees line the path. The tree species not only look different, they also feel different. Step closer to the trees along the hiking trail and feel the bark. You will feel big differences, which you often do not notice visually.On your hike, the path repeatedly leads to the deep gorges of the Furlbach. Close your eyes and listen to the splashing of the water. High in the crowns of the old beech trees you can hear the birds singing. The drumming of different species of woodpecker echoes far through the brook valley.

Der Furlbach (Foto: Tourist-Information Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock)

Sights in the “Romantischen Furlbachtal”

The Furlbachtal is home to numerous natural treasures. In addition to the deeply cut valley of the Furlbach, the experience tour “Romantisches Furlbachtal” leads hikers along boggy areas. At the Bentteiche, those interested in nature can discover peat moss and other plants typical of moors. Not far from the Bentteiche is the old Tütgenmühle, directly below the source area of the Furlbach.

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Hiking badges

The hiking reward for the adventure tour “Romantischen Furlbachtal” can be obtained here:

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