The Senne addresses different senses that can also be felt for nature lovers.

The water treading basin at the source of the Sachsen is located near the “Ochsentour”. Here you can feel the Senne: Step barefoot into the pool and feel the 9°C cold spring water on your skin. In addition to the refreshing effect, treading in water is very healthy. It strengthens the immune system, promotes blood flow and stimulates the circulation and metabolism.

The experience tours “Holzweg” and “Romantisches Furlbachtal” lead you through the forests of the Senne and the Teutoburg forest. On your hike you will pass numerous tree species. Not only do they look different, they also feel different. Step closer to the trees along the hiking trails, close your eyes and feel the bark. You will feel big differences, which you often do not notice visually.

The experience tour “VitalWanderWelt – Energie” leads you to a special sensory experience on the Nebelwiese in Bad Lippspringe. Here pipes protrude from the ground. They spray an artificially created mist that covers the meadow. Step between the pipes and feel how the small water droplets in the air change the climate within a few metres. Especially in summer, the Nebelwiese offers pleasant refreshment after or during a hike.

The “Dünenpfad” leads hikers through a dune area. In large parts of the area you walk over open sand paths. In some areas the sand is loose and light yellow. Just take off your shoes and walk barefoot for a while. Feel the sand under your feet. You could almost think that you were on a North Sea beach; which is just under 200 km as the crow flies.

Paderborn is characterised by its numerous bodies of water. The Pader springs also provide a natural experience in the city centre. In the city centre arises, among other things, the source arm of the “Warm Pader”. This source arm is actually about 4-6°C warmer than the other source arms. The monument to the “Women doing their washing in the warm Pader” is not only a reminder of the past use, but also invites you to put your bare feet in the water. Not far away is the source area of the Maspernpader, near the Paderhalle. Here you again have the opportunity to keep your feet in the source area. However, the water is significantly cooler. Feel the difference.

The Senne is known for its dry sandy soils. On the “Marienloher Lipperundweg”, the sand of the Senne meets the water of the Lippe. In the area of the so-called “Lippeknick”, a sand dune outside the nature reserve, you can leave the hiking trail and enter the Lippe. Take a few steps into the water barefoot. Feel the Senne sand between your toes and the cold water of the Lippe on your skin.

A special natural treasure of the Senne awaits you on the “Ems-Erlebnisweg”. The sources of the Ems are not just a visual highlight. Those interested in nature are led across the spring area via a wooden walkway. Notice how the temperature changes. The closer you get to the sources, the cooler it will be. Now close your eyes and listen to the gentle splashing of the Ems, which is still small here and which will grow into one of the largest rivers in Germany.