The ”Heideland Rundwanderweg”

The ”Heideland Rundwanderweg”

The hike begins at the “Sandfangteich” car park, right next to the Krollbach. From here you will be guided north and pass extensive pine forests. Again and again one reaches large clearings on which heathland extends – the characteristic image of the Senne. Passing the sources of the Ems, you come to a highlight, the Senne horses. Once this hardy horse breed roamed half-wild through the Senne. Today the population has become very small with around 50 animals. The Paderborn – Senne district biological station keeps a small herd that grazes in a fenced area of the Moosheide in the summer months. The Ems information centre is just a few steps away. From here the hike leads south again. In addition to pine forests and heathland, hikers pass through the box valleys criss-crossed with meadows before they reach the car park at the “Sandfangteich” again.

Tip: It is well worthwhile to hike in the direction of Hövelhof, because here you can experience another highlight: the bifurcation of the Krollbach. 

The “Heideland Rundwanderweg” is approx. 6.6 km long. The duration of the hike is approx. 1:35 h.

Parking facilities

  • Ems-Information centre (Emser Kirchweg, Hövelhof)
  • Car park at Krollbach (Moosheider Str. 56, Hövelhof)

Experience the senses in the “Heideland”

The heathland of the Moosheide offer the characteristic, historical image of the Senne. The heather is a feast for the eyes in August when it is in bloom. But perceive the old cultural landscape with other senses:

Close your eyes and listen to the bird life. Woodlark and other typical Senne birds sing their melodious songs over the heather.Another experience awaits your senses right in front of your feet. Thyme often grows by the wayside. Notice the intense smell of the small herbaceous plant. It gives you an almost Mediterranean feeling.

Heideblüte in der Moosheide (Foto: C. Venne)

Sights in the “Heideland”

The Senne horses are the oldest known breed of horses in Germany. Once they roamed half-wild through the Senne landscape. Through their history, they are closely connected to the Senne and have probably contributed significantly to the development of typical Senne landscape elements. In the Moosheide you will find one of the few pastures on which a small herd of these endangered domestic animals can be observed.

About 2 km southwest of the Moosheide there is an extremely rare water fork in Hövelhof, a so-called bifurcation. The Krollbach forks on Senne road. The main arm flows further to the southwest and flows over the Haustenbach, the Lippe and the Rhine after around 480 km near Rotterdam into the western North Sea. The other arm of the river, called Schwarzwasserbach, initially flows through the centre of Hövelhof and flows over the Ems after about 440 km near Emden into the central North Sea. You can discover the natural treasures of the southern Moosheide along the natural history trail (Südschleife) along the “Heideland Rundwanderweg”. The individual stations can be called up on the Internet. It is recommended to download the flyer here in advance.

Discover Senne

Hiking badges

You can get the hiking reward for the “Heideland Rundwanderweg” here:

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