Lippe lowlands between Bad Lippspringe and Mastbruch NR

The “Lippe lowlands between Bad Lippspringe and Mastbruch” nature reserve

The Nature conservation area “Lippe lowlands between Bad Lippspringe and Mastbruch” has an area of 160 ha and encompasses the course of the Lippe with adjacent areas from Bad Lippspringe to Paderborn-Mastbruch.

In renatured areas, the Lippe can shape its own bed again, a natural dynamic that is typical for the outside is possible here again. Flood events in particular repeatedly lead to relocations of gravel banks and gravel islands and to changes in the line of the banks. The old arm of the Lippe complements the natural meadow design. With a little luck you can see kingfishers here. The dipper and the grey wagtail also breed along the Lippe. 

Beyond the banks of the Lippe there are valuable relics of the old raft meadow economy. The few remaining raft ditches serve as valuable habitats for many endangered animal and plant species such as the brook mussel and the blue-tailed damsel.

Die Lippe bei Marienloh (Foto: Touristinformation Paderborn)