Moosheide NR

The “Moosheide” nature reserve

The diversity of the landscape of the Senne can be experienced in the “Moosheide” nature reserve. It is located in the area of the municipality of Hövelhof and the town of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock. In the largest nature reserve of the Senne (442.5 ha), natural and cultural landscapes are close together.

The large heathlands and the sources of the Ems are essential elements. The valleys of Ems and Krollbach cut up to 10 m deep into the terrain. Dry valleys indicate the earlier activity of water bodies. The inland dunes are just as striking. Most of the area is taken up by pine forests. Dry grass and heathland stretch across large clearings in the forest area. They are important habitats for sand lizards and woodlarks.On an area of approx.

20 hectares north of the Emstal, you can observe Senne horses. By grazing, they contribute to the preservation of valuable open land habitats.

Heideflächen im NSG Moosheide (Foto: C. Venne)