The Pader sources

The Pader sources

In contrast to the source of the Lippe, which springs from the ground at only one point, the Pader has its origin in a source area with around 200 places where water gushes out. These are karstic springs that release the water that has seeped away on the Paderborn plateau. Today, the largest spring basins are walled in at six points in Paderborn city centre. Some of the springs arise in the cellars of buildings, such as the Augenquelle under the city library and the Rothoquelle under the Kaiserpfalz. However, city life has also adapted to the water on other spring arms. Before the construction of today’s road, the water reached close to the houses, which could only be reached via boardwalks.

With an average amount of water of 5000 litres per second, the Pader has the strongest headwaters in Germany. Over a stretch of almost 500 m, all the arms of the river unite to form the main arm of the Pader, which flows into the Lippe in a north-west direction after just a few kilometres. With this, the Pader breaks another record: At just 4 km, it is the shortest river in Germany.

You can experience the Pader springs on the “PaderWanderung”.

Die Paderquellen in Paderborn (Foto: Touristinformation Paderborn)

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